Raja raja chola 1

The Great Indian king Raja Raja Chola

Raja Raja Chola I, also known as Rajaraja the Great, was an Indian king from the Chola dynasty. He is referred to as Kulothunga Cholan or just as Rajaraja in some inscriptions and literature such as in the Sanskrit work “Nitisara”.

Raja raja chola 1
Raja raja chola 1

Throughout his rule, he carried various conquest

  • In 994, during the Kandalur War, Rajaraja I managed to defeat a fleet belonging to a Chera king called Bhaskara Ravi Varman Thiruvadi.
  • He even defeated the Pandya king Amarabhujanga and captured the port of Virinam.
  • The year AD 1008, the Chola army led by Rajendra Chola I captured Udagai from Cheras.
  • Raja raja invaded the norther part of Sri Lanka in 993.
  • In 998 CE, Rajaraja captured the regions of Nolambapadi, Gangapadi and Tadigaipadi (present day Karnataka)

To commemorate his south Indian conquests, he assumed the powerful title of Mummudi Chola. This word was used by Tamil kings who ruled the three kingdoms of Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas.

We present fifteen facts about great king Raja Raja Chola

  1. Ruled over the Indian kingdoms of southern India and Sri Lanka as well as Kalinga (Orissa) in Eastern India.
  2. Fought many battles with the Cholas in the south, Cholas in the north, Samantas in the west, Kadambas of Hangal to list a few.
  3. Rajaraja, by conquering Vengi, laid the foundations for the Chalukya Chola dynasty.
  4. After finally conquering Sri Lanka, the Cholas ruled the island for a hundred years.
  5. His conquests within a 14-year span of his reign, he brought the Pandyas, Bellary, Eastern Mysore, Tadigaipadi. Vengi and Coorg under his possession.
  6. He is the only King in India who expanded their territory to Cambodia.
  7. King Rajaraja I was the first king in India with the power of ships. He used his powerful naval force to annex countries across the sea.
  8. Raja Raja Chola 1 gave much importance to Architecture. Raja Raja Chola 1 Built the Peruvudaiyar Koyil in Thanjavur. This temple is referred to as Brihadeeswarar Temple.
  9. This Brihadeeswarar Temple was built with incredible architecture. It highlights the strength of both the Tamil language and the creativity of this artist.
  10. The Brihadeeswarar Temple, added as one of UNESCO’s “Great Living Chola Temples” on their UNESCO’s Architectural Heritage List.
  11. He built the spectacular “Siva temple” in Thanjavur, also known as “Rajarajeswaram”, “Brihadeeswarar Temple”
  12. One of the most famous temples in India, it’s one of the best architectural sites. It was built by Raja Raja Chola in 1010.
  13. Built from a single piece of black marble, a statue of a bull with a raised front leg is the centerpiece of the park.
  14. One of the major features of local architecture are the granite structures.
  15. Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple is the most famous temple in the world, built by King Raja Raja Solan I (read: Raja-raja-solam).

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