Raja Dahirsen : The Last Hindu Ruler of Sindh

The dynasty that we are discussing here is the Brahmin dynasty. It was given to Raja Dahir who was a Maharaja of Sindh. His predecessor was Chandarraja and Raja Dahir was born in 663 AD at a place called Alor, the present-day Rohri located in Sindh. Raja Dahir’s original name was Raja Dahir Sen. His wife’s name was Ladi. The couple had three daughters — Suryadevi, Premadevi, and Jodhadevi. When everything was going on well, Raja Dahir’s kingdom was conquered by Umayyad Caliphate. This Caliph was jealous of seeing the power of Dahir’s Kingdom and waged a war. Caught unawares, the army of Raja Dahir did not expect this and naturally was defeated.

Raja Dahir was not only defeated but was killed at the battle of Alor on the banks of the river Indus. Coming back to the Brahmin dynasty, fortunately we have many Muslim chronicles like Chachnama and Shahnama. It is quite likely that these Muslim chronicles might have exaggerated their strength while ignoring the strength of Brahmin dynasty in which was born Raja Dahir.

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