Naik Jadunath Singh

Naik Jadunath Singh : Untold Story

Naik Jadunath Singh

Naik Jadunath Singh was enrolled in the Rajput Regiment on 21 Nov 1941 at the Regimental center Fatehgarh. After completing his training he joined 1 Rajput and also took part in World War II, fighting against the Japanese in Burma proving his mettle even then. After about 6 years of service, he was promoted to the rank of Lance Naik in July 1947. He later took part in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 as a member of the Indian Army.

In Dec 1947, Naik Jadunath Singh’s unit, 1 Rajput was deployed in J & K to take part in the ongoing war with Pakistan after it had attacked Kashmir in Oct 1947.

The Regimental motto is Sarvatra Vijaya, which means Victory Everywhere and the war cry is Bol Bajrang Bali Ki Jai, meaning Victory to Lord Hanuman.

Rajput Regiment

Battle of Taindhar

On October 28th, 1947, India stepped forward to shield Kashmir from a Pakistani offensive following the Maharaja Hari Singh submitting papers to affiliate with India. Attempts by the enemy to wrest control of Srinagar airport by advancing in the Taindhar subsector through Naushera could have been successful but, fortunately, on February 1st, 1948 India’s fifty Para brigade engaged them at said vicinity and pulled off a prosperous operation. Pakistani soldiers suffered heavy casualties and had to retreat.

On the 6th of February ,1948, hostilities commenced with a barrage of gunfire and mortars aimed at Taindhar ridge and its adjoining high ground. Stealthily taking advantage of the darkness ,the enemy forces slipped up on Indian posts. At first light they began consecutive sallies to take control of the post.

Naik Jadunath Singh demonstrated unwavering courage and visionary management whilst leading picket no.2. Vastly outnumbered, four of his troops were hurt; yet still, he mobilized for a do-or-die battle where the pakistani’s ended up retreatingly bewildered. Although naive and injury-incurred, Ensign Singh’s forces masochistically prolongeed the defense of their domain. After doing so commendably; one of his gunners was felled and promptly taken office

At that stage, all the soldiers under his command had perished. A third maneuver soon followed to capture the post, and Jadunath charged at the aggressors armed only with his sten gun whilst suffering from injures. This bold course of action on his behalf shocked and perplexed the opposers which subsequently resulted in them retreating in disarray. During this confrontation two bullets breached his head as well as scaling his chest caused by which Naik Jadunath Singh lost his life a royal hero

Param Vir Chakra

Charging single-handedly at the advancing enemy, this Non-Commissioned Officer, performed the highest act of gallantry and self-sacrifice and by so doing saved his section-nay, his whole picquet from being overrun by the enemy at the most critical stage in the battle for the defence of Nushera

Singh was posthumously awarded the India’s highest military decoration, the Param Vir Chakra for his actions on 6 February 1948

Naik Jadunath Singh
Naik Jadunath Singh
Naik Jadunath Singh

Naik Jadunath Singh Memorial at Taindhar Top near Naushera J&K

Legacy of Naik Jadunath Singh

  • A sports stadium in his birthplace Hathoura Bujurg in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh is named as ‘Param Vir Chakra Naik Jadunath Singh Sports Stadium’ in his honour.
  • His battalion, the 1 Rajput was awarded the Victoria Cross.
  • India Post released a Commemorative stamp on 15 Sep 1998 to mark Bicentenary of the battalion. The First day cover released on 15 Sep 1998 shows a Param Vir Chakra which was awarded to Naik Jadunath Singh.
  • The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd (SCI), named fifteen of her Crude Oil Tankers in honour of the Param Vir Chakra recipients. The crude oil tanker named MT “Naik Jadunath Singh, PVC” was delivered to SCI on 21-09-1984.
  • The Housing project of Jadunath Enclave in Faridabad was named after Naik Jadunath Singh PVC.
Naik Jadunath Singh


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