Kiran Devi- The queen who held a dagger at “Akbar the great’s throat”

The history books have glorified the #Mughals for long and like most of our stories and legends, this incident too failed to be highlighted in the history books.

Kiran Devi- she was the daughter of Shakti Singhji, who was the brother of Maharana Pratap of #Mewar.
She was married to Prithviraj of Bikaner and resided in Delhi with him.

It so happened, Akbar after seeing Kiran Devi, became mesmerized by her.

And then he started to plot ways to capture her for himself.

Every year, the Meena Bazar in Delhi held a “Nouroz mela”.
This was attended by the womenfolk as the entry for men was denied in the bazaar.

Having found out that #KiranDevi was to attend the mela, #Akbar devised a plan to have his men disguise as women and then Have them bring Kiran Devi to him.

No sooner had Akbar attempted to touch her, Kiran Devi pulled out her khanjar (dagger) and held it against his throat.

After pleading mercy, Kiran Devi pardoned the “great” Akbar on a condition that he would never hold the Nouroz mela again.

Below is a painting of Kiran Devi and Akbar, displayed at the #Jaipur museum.

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