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1100 Years Old Shiv Linga in Vietnam

vietnam Lingam

a four-member restoration team of the #ASI discovered an 1100-year-old monolithic sandstone #shiva lingam, a representation of the #Hindu deity Shiva, it was seen as a moment of great pride by India. External Affairs Minister S. #Jaishankar announced the discovery on Twitter saying it reaffirmed a ‘civilisational connect’…

The untold story of Qutub Minar


Stones dislodged from the so-called #QutubMinar have Hindu images on one side with Arabic lettering on the other. Those stones have now been removed from the Museum. They clearly show that Muslim invaders used to remove the stone-dressing of Hindu buildings, turn…

The 4 Upanishadic Mahavakyas


Though there are many #Mahavakyas, four of them, one from each of the four #Vedas, are often mentioned as “the Mahavakyas”.According to the Vedanta tradition, the subject matter and the essence of all Upanishads are the same, and all the Upanishadic Mahavakyas…

Kanada: Father of Atomic Theory of Matter


Kanada (कणाद), also known as Kashyapa, Ulūka, Kananda, and Kanabhuk, was an ancient Indian natural scientist and philosopher who founded the Vaisheshika school of Indian philosophy that also represents the earliest Indian physics. Estimated to have lived sometime between the…

Hindu Kush : Hindu killer in Persian


The earliest known usage of the name Hindu Kush occurs on a map published about 1000 AD. The Hindu Kush was known in Vedic #Sanskrit as upariśyena, and in Avestan as upāirisaēna (from Proto-Iranian *upārisaina- ‘covered with juniper’). In the time of #Alexander the…

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