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The First Republic of the World


Vajji (Sanskrit: वृज्जी Hindi: वज्जि ) or ????? was a confederacy of neighboring clans including the Licchavis and one of the principal #mahājanapadas of #AncientIndia. The area they ruled constitutes the region of Mithila in northern Bihar and their capital was the city…

Kashmir Accedes to INDIA


On this day 72 years ago, Jammu & Kashmir agreed to become a part of IndiaMaharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir signed the Instrument of Accession on 26 October 1947, in the midst of a tribal invasion supported by…

Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind


21, Oct the 77th anniversary of the formation of the first Indian government. In 1943, on October 21, one of India’s greatest sons – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose announced the formation of the ‘Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind’ or the provincial government…

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