Advance Medical Procedures In Bharat Far Before The Word Surgery Born

The Rig Veda is regarded as one of the most ancient written texts. It is a mark of pride and honor for every Sanatani.

The Rig Veda has a reference to a warrior queen called Vishpala.

(The ancient Vedic period treated men and women as equals. We had Rishis. We had Rishikas.
We had warriors of both genders. Fierce. Steadfast.)

What so special about Vishpala? She lost her leg in one of the wars.
But they did not raise women who quit! So she went on to fight with with a metal prosthetic limb!

Here is the reference:

“Sodao janghamaysing vishapalaoi dhana hite sterba pratyadhattyam” Rig-Veda- 1:116:15

This verse is addressed to the Ashwini Kumars, the physicians. It translates:

The foot of Vispala, (the wife of Khela), was cut off, like the wing of a bird, in an engagement by night.
Immediately you gave her a metallic leg, so that she might walk

Of course, she did not just walk, though, she fought! Like a tigress! And slayed!

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